Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trip to the mall.

I've always liked the scenery at the mall, so I decided to finally capture some of it. not really much to say about this shoot other than experimenting with different angles, lighting etc, and that I brought one of my friends along.
The Cheesecake Factory was packed saturday night! I really liked the lighting choices on the building.

I had to wait for a few cars to move before i got this shot, but i think it turned out nice.
Playing around with moving shots of cars. I like this BMW.
The rusted pipes look so tasty :P haha
Construction was being done to the top level of the parking deck. So I took advantage of the fact there were no cars.
The background is pretty interesting with all the concrete. I don't know what he was looking at though...
Outdoor stage looked awesome at night!
Nice reflection shot!
I thought it was pretty neat that the elevator had a glass window on the back so you can see the moving parts as it went up.

Trying out some driving shots.

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