Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Adobe Illustrator works.

Here are just a few samples of things I've created using Adobe Illustrator. Not really much else to say except that I love cars and drawing them!
This was the first full car i drew in Illustrator. It's my favorite car ever, the Porsche 964.

This time I tried a few different techniques to make the truck look a bit more realistic. I used gradients instead of solid shapes to show highlights and shadows. The truck is a 1954 Ford F100, my Dad's favorite truck. This was actually his Christmas present from me, I got it printed out and it's hanging on the wall.

Here I put in a lot more attention to detail using various tools and techniques to complete the final piece. A lot more time was used to create this one because of all the details, and the fact that i set the car in a full background which I drew as well. The car is a MK3 VW GTI.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hide and Seek!

Try and find me and my backpack. my backpack is an ACU camo bag and, I'm wearing some hunter's camo and a black hat.