Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Adobe Illustrator works.

Here are just a few samples of things I've created using Adobe Illustrator. Not really much else to say except that I love cars and drawing them!
This was the first full car i drew in Illustrator. It's my favorite car ever, the Porsche 964.

This time I tried a few different techniques to make the truck look a bit more realistic. I used gradients instead of solid shapes to show highlights and shadows. The truck is a 1954 Ford F100, my Dad's favorite truck. This was actually his Christmas present from me, I got it printed out and it's hanging on the wall.

Here I put in a lot more attention to detail using various tools and techniques to complete the final piece. A lot more time was used to create this one because of all the details, and the fact that i set the car in a full background which I drew as well. The car is a MK3 VW GTI.

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